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Mar 26, 2022

SA Crafters MC Building Competition

SA Crafters MC Building Competition

We will be holding a build competition from the 26th of March to the 9th of April 2022.
With over R1500 in prizes to give away, we encourage as many players as possible to join in on the fun.
Your build will be judged on a few criteria, the most important being originality, creativity and over all aesthetics.
We want you to be creative, so there is no specific theme.
The builds will be judged by a panel of staff  and community members to be announced closer to the time.


  1. You have to be at least Member(6 votes) Rank in game to register.
  2. Register in discord under the 'Builders Competition' channel with username and co-ords of where your build will be.
  3. Maximum build size is 64 x 64 blocks (4x4 Chunks)with no limit on how high or low.
  4. Do not copy builds from YouTube, google or from fellow players.
  5. Please make sure your builds are claimed, if you are short of claim blocks please communicate via entry ticket on Discord.


1st  ~ Voucher to the value of R750 (choose from list below) & $15 SA Crafters store credit.
2nd ~ Voucher to the value of R500 (choose from list below) & $10 SA Crafters store credit.
3rd  ~  Voucher to the value of R250 (choose from list below) & $5 SA Crafters store credit.

Choose a voucher from: Takealot, Steam, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Uber Eats, PlayStation Wallet.


Winners will need to provide us with an email address for the vouchers.

*The SA Crafters staff team can not enter into this giveaway.

The winners will be announced on Discord in #news on the 10th of April once the judging panel has come to a final decision.