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Be kind and considerate to all players. SA Crafters aims to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Respectful Behavior Guidelines

  1. No swearing or inappropriate language, including signs, item names, and mob names.
  2. Avoid trolling, harassment, meanness, or bullying towards other players.
  3. Do not engage in discrimination, use homophobic slurs, hate speech, or racism.
  4. No posting links or ads, self-promotion without permission, or discussion of other survival servers.
  5. Offensive or inappropriate structures and symbols are not allowed.
  6. Do not stalk or camp outside another player's base.
  7. PVP requires consent from all involved parties.
  8. Do not use someone else's skin without permission, except for publicly available skins.
  9. Do not impersonate staff or other players by changing your nickname.
  10. Nicknames must not be offensive or violate any other rules.

Land Claims, Griefing and Stealing

  1. Do not destroy or modify other players' structures without permission.
  2. Do not steal items or resources from others.
  3. When building, maintain a distance of at least 100 blocks from other claims.
  4. Don't claim end portals; ensure unobstructed access for all players.


  1. No hacking, cheating, or exploiting bugs for personal gain.
  2. Avoid using automated systems like auto-clickers or macros.
  3. Prohibited software includes mods like Baritone that automate tasks.
  4. Using x-ray or x-ray texture packs is not allowed.
  5. Bypassing the AFK kick system is prohibited.
  6. Do not mislead staff into replacing unnecessary items.

Farm Build Size and Villager Limits

  1. Farm size limit: 4 chunks per farm, auto-farm, super smelter, or mob grinder.
  2. Avoid inefficiently built Redstone contraptions.
  3. Maintain a 1 chunk perimeter between farms.
  4. Villager trading halls: Maximum 15 per hall with 2 chunks spacing.
  5. Villager breeders and groups: Maximum 15 per group with 2 chunks spacing.
  6. Do not overstack farms.

Auto-farms: any build that automates a task with Redstone items or Hoppers is considered an auto-farm. Eg: Pistons breaking sugar cane on a sugar cane farm or a super smelter getting fed with fuel and smelted items being removed automatically. We do not consider a door that opens with Redstone a farm or auto-farm.

Chunk Limits

  • Hoppers: 75 (please use wireless hoppers to reduce hopper usage amount, if your base has too many hoppers and has the potential to create lag staff may ask you to remove some)
  • Block Entities: 256 (chest, furnace, shulker box, etc)
  • Redstone Items: 500

Entity Group Limits

  • Global Limit: 30 entities per group.
  • Mobs from Spawners: 20 entities per group.
  • Villagers: 15 entities per group.
  • Item Frames: 200 entities per group.

Entities include mobs, item frames, armor stands, boats, mine carts, etc. These limits are in place to prevent lag caused by excessive entities. Entities above the limits will be automatically removed.

Account Security

  1. User account sharing is not allowed. You are responsible for the security of your account. If another player gains access to your account, you will be responsible for their actions on the server. It is better to keep your account details to yourself. Sharing your account is a high risk!
  2. Alternative accounts are not allowed. You may not play from more than one account at the same time or use multiple accounts to enter competitions or events.
  3. Using third-party MC clients is always a risk. Make sure the client you are using is known and trusted! There are many clients out there that steal your username and password. Using the official Minecraft launcher from Mojang is always the best option.

Updated: 24 July 2023