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Jun 20, 2022

Diamond Survival 1.19

Diamond Survival 1.19

Brand New 1.19 Map (The Wild Update)

We have been working around the clock to perfect our new Diamond server for everyone. We are very excited for this release! We also have some exciting content updates planned for the near future.

We have tweaked and improved many of the current features we offer in Diamond. We have moved back to the previous enchant system we used. It has many improvements and the gameplay experience is slightly improved. We have also reintroduced the enchant shop that sells dusts and scrolls in spawn.

We have updated our sell wands by introducing tiers as well as make improvements to the reward crates, in-game shop and general economy.

We have also decided to give you a larger map! The new map size is 30000 x 30000 and includes The End and Nether. You can now explore all the biomes. We have also greatly improved RTP distribution, you will no longer be random teleported into spawn.

Many performance improvements have been made, hoping to increase entity and other limits in the future.

We have phased out plugins that are no longer being developed, this will help make future updates faster.

Release Date

Release Date: 22 June 2022 @ 4pm (SAST)

Everyone is welcome :)


Please create a ticket in our Discord server to request ranks/items donated for.

What will be re-sent:

  • Ranks and items they came with.
  • Black Market items purchased during the last Diamond server season. (28 Jan 2022 or later)

Please note: Some Black Market items have changed, if the item you request has changed or is no longer available you can choose another item to the same value or receive the updated item.

There is no cost to claim your rank if you have previously donated, it is free.

Map Downloads

Please note that the total size of our Vanilla and Diamond map is 170GB. We are working on finding a suitable file host to share these files. Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions. If you would like to download a specific area of the map or would like a schematic we can also arrange that for you. Please create a ticket in our Discord for more info.