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Please note: If you are a helper and no longer wish to be a helper please let us know. If being a helper is not for you and you just want to be a normal player again that is perfectly fine.

What do helpers do?

  • Welcome new players to the server. Welcome new players that join. Let them know how to obtain their starter kit and random teleport into the wild.
  • Make sure chat rules aren't been broken. Make sure players are not breaking the server chat rules.
  • Help players where they can. Any form of help, like helping someone list an item for sale in the player shops or showing them how to vote or use server commands, etc. Help does not include building their base for them.
  • Answer questions where you can. Help if someone asks something in chat about a server-related feature like how to use the vote shop or what tokens are, etc.

Note: If you are unable to deal with a situation you must let an admin or operator know and they will assist.

Helper Rank Info

Below is some information about helpers and helper commands.


  • Mute players that are breaking chat rules and log it in the punishments log on Discord.
  • Change your nickname (including RGB colours).
  • Use colour text in chat. (basic colour codes, no RGB)

Helper Commands

  • Kick: /kick player
  • Temp Mute: /tempmute player
  • Unmute: /unmute player
  • Punishment History: /history player

Please Note

Please note that if it is discovered that you have abused any of the helpers commands you may be banned from SA Crafters and removed from the staff team.