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Mar 21, 2022

Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1

SA Crafters Giveaway​

We are doing a giveaway to thank our voters. We are giving away a BRAND NEW Astro A10 gaming headset worth R1000. We will enter all players with more than 35 votes for March 2022 (this month) into the random draw, the random draw will be done on livestream.

Bedrock Support​

We have added Bedrock support to SA Crafters. This means players using Minecraft Bedrock clients are now able to join the server. We are still a Java based server which means there may be a few bugs, however, the developers are always working at ironing out all the bugs. We have made a bunch of changes for improved compatibility for Bedrock players such as showing whole links in chat instead of clickable links. The anti-cheat for Bedrock players has also been improved. We will soon post a list of minor known Bedrock bugs that are unable to be fixed. For the best experience on SA Crafters, I would still recommend using Java edition if you have access to it. We will continue making improvements for Bedrock players during the next few weeks.

Vanilla Vote Shop​

We have added perks to the Vanilla vote shop. You can now use tokens to unlock perks such as the ability the change your nickname, use chat feelings, etc.

Diamond Survival Claim Flags​

Claim flags have now been added to Diamond survival. You can toggle PVP, animal damage and water flow. This gives you more control over your claim. More claim flags will be added in future.

Network Updates​

We have pushed server core and plugin updates to all of our servers and proxy server.

Discord Server Refresh​

We have made some changes and improvements to our Discord server, older unused channels have also been archived. We have updated the emojis which now support Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Create your own voice channel has been fixed, you can create your own voice channel including changing the name and user limit. Rank requests are now moved to tickets, create a ticket to request your rank.

Report Broken Farm Designs​

We want to work with our players to make sure all farm designs work. If you have built a specific farm and it is not working, please create a ticket in our Discord server with some info about the farm and some screen shots so that we can try and make changes to the server so that the farm design works. If you do not report it, we cannot fix it. Please report any bugs or issues, we are always working on improving SA Crafters.

New Rules​

  • Added rule 2.12 You are not allowed to use someone else's skin by using a "skin stealer". This does not apply to publicly available skins.
  • Added rule 5.8 Misleading staff into replacing items which do not need to be replaced is not allowed.