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Oct 10, 2023

Season 3 Battle Pass

Season 3 Battle Pass

Get ready for Battle Pass Season 3, packed with exciting updates, rewards, and greatly improved daily and weekly quests that offer even more exciting adventures on SA Crafters.

Start date: 12 October 2023

Free Battle Pass

The free battle pass is available and free to everyone! Use the /battlepass command to view your progress.

The Free Battle Pass contains the following rewards:

  • $100 000 In-game money
  • 150 000 exp points
  • 10 Vote Crate keys
  • 10 Cash Crate keys
  • 6 Enchant Crate keys
  • 5 Rankup Crate keys
  • 10 Tokens
  • 60 minutes of Fly Time
  • 1 x Experience Booster
  • 1 x mcMMO Booster
  • 1 x Sell Booster

Premium Battle Pass

The premium battle pass is available in our store. When you purchase items from our store, you're not only supporting our server, but you're also gaining access to exclusive rewards as a token of our appreciation. Your support ensures a premium gameplay experience for all.

Premium Battle Pass does not prevent you from unlocking the Free Battle Pass rewards. You will still earn both sets of rewards as you progress through the reward tiers.

The Premium Battle Pass contains the following rewards:

  • $300 000 In-game money
  • 45 Tokens
  • 60 Sell Wand Charges
  • 2 x Black Market Crate keys
  • 12 x Party Crate keys
  • 16 Enchant Crate keys
  • 3 x Spawner Crate Keys
  • 2 x Experience Boosters
  • 2 x mcMMO Boosters
  • 2 x Sell Boosters

The last day to claim any unclaimed rewards will be 12 November 2023.