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Info Hub

Vanilla Survival

Welcome to the Vanilla Survival Info Hub. Below you will find a bunch of useful info.

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Getting Started
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You have just joined, what do you do?

Type and send /kit starter into chat to receive a starter kit if you have not arleady received it. Your starter kit includes a few basic tools and a golden shovel which you use to claim land.

To get out of the spawn area, leave through one of the 4 exits. You can make your way our into the wild to get started.

Set a home at your new base by sleeping in a bed. If you die, you will return to your bed.

Receive great rewards and help the server out by voting, send /vote into chat to view the two server vote links. Voting is free and awards both you and the server.

Once you have voted, you can use /rankup to rank up to the next rank.

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While in-game, type and send /vote into chat. Open each link, enter your username into the provided text box on each site and click the vote button. You will automatically receive vote rewards in-game.


All you need to do is go to each vote link and enter your Minecraft username into the text box, and click vote. The only information required from you is your Minecraft username. It is quick, easy, supports the server and you get rewards - it's a win for everyone.


Voting allows you to rank up. Ranking up will reward you with items, claim blocks and access to more perks. To rankup use the /rankup command. You also receive tokens. Tokens can be used in the vote shop to buy awesome perks and items!


Tokens earned from voting can be used in the vote shop. Use the /voteshop command to open the vote shop menu and browse available items and perks.


There is a vote counter, when it reaches 30 votes it will award all players whose votes counted towards it. You need to vote at least once to receive vote party rewards. You can only receive vote party rewards once per day.

Land Claiming
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When claiming land you mark out an area of land that will be yours. The land will be protected and only you can place or break blocks. Doors, chests and any items you interact with will also be locked.

You can trust other players on your claim and give them access, this is useful when playing with friends or a team.

Here is a basic video on how land claiming works:


  • To trust a player on your claim, stand on the claim and type: /trust (username)
  • To trust a player on all of your claims use: /trustall (username)
  • To remove trust from a player on your claim, stand on the claim and type: /untrust (username)
  • To remove trust from a player on all your claims use: /untrustall (username)


Villager Behavior
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Please note that villager behavior slightly differs on SA Crafters.

Villagers are a huge strain on the server, many servers disable them completely. We still allow villagers and villager trading halls.

When you have a villager in a 1x1 area, their AI will be disabled. This is to allow trading halls. When making iron golem farms use a larger area than 1x1 to store your villagers. Once the villager is not in a 1x1 area their AI will be enabled again.

This allows us to let players use villagers as they wish while at the same time reducing their load on the server and keeping the experience enjoyable.

Treasure Maps
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Treasure maps cause many issues for servers. They are disabled to prevent major issues. Too many chunks get loaded which can bring the server to a standstill. To keep the experience enjoyable we have decided to disable them.

Stacked Raid Farms
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Please note that there are known issues with stacked raid farms. This is not a SA Crafters issue but a widespread issue on multiplayer Minecraft servers.

Please note that raid farms may not work as they should or may not work at all.

Mobs & Entity Limits
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Mobs are limited to 30 per chunk or per group.

This is to preserve a lag-free environment. In Minecraft, when there are a large number of mobs in one chunk or group it puts a lot of strain on the server and risks degrading the performance of the server. We prefer to keep our server running at a constant 20 TPS.

This limit applies to animals, villagers, and monsters, any over the limit will be automatically removed.

Entities such as item frames are limited to 30 per chunk or per group.

Entities that are over the limit will automatically be removed.

You cannot have a group of villagers larger than ~30.

Map Size
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The current map size is 10 000 x 10 000 and applies to the overworld, nether and the end.

The map size will be extended in the near future.